Betta Fish Awareness Day is Approaching

Betta Fish

June 21st marks the XX annual Betta Fish Awareness Day, a day when betta lovers try to raise awareness about the needs of Betta fish and dispel the myths and misconceptions about their care. To celebrate Betta fish on this day, a series of articles and editorials will be released each day for a week starting on June 14th to lead up to the exciting event. BettaSmart is not the only place that can help raise awareness on better Betta fish care, however. Please help in spreading the word on betta needs!

This year, share BettaSmart articles and post your favorite Betta fish fact on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BetterBettaCare to spread the word to your friends and followers. Help make the plight of the betta as important and worthy as the struggles faced by our larger animals that get so much more attention to their causes. Betta fish are living creatures that feel just as much pain as any other neglected animal does. Size does not equal importance nor value. This June 21st, help raise awareness for the little guy.