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Calculating the Real Cost of Betta Ownership

Betta fish attract people to them with more than just their bright colors and feisty personalities—their inexpensive needs tend to be the largest contributor to their popularity. For families and individuals who cannot house a large animal,... Continue reading

Of Bubbles and Bettas

Walking through the betta section of a pet shop you may notice a thick white foam spread across the water’s surface of the fish cups. Or perhaps you’ve seen it in your own tank, a lining of bubbles and white. This is a bubble nest and it... Continue reading

Thriving Versus Surviving

Existing and living are two very different concepts but people tend to mix them up quite often. These are ideas to difficult separate, after all. Living is the purpose of every creature, yet it is too easy to simply exist and forget to... Continue reading

The Fundamental Differences Between Male and Female Betta Splendens

Betta splendens come in more shapes, colors, fin lengths, and variations than nearly any other household pet. A true enthusiast can easily identify different breeds and fin types within the B. splendens species alone. For beginners or those... Continue reading

Is a Betta Fish Right for You?

So you are thinking about buying a Betta fish! Congratulations! The world of betta keeping is fun and fascinating. From the bright colors to the feisty personalities, these fish are distinct and iconic. Owning a Betta fish, commonly the Betta... Continue reading

The Top Five Most Common (and Deadly) Betta Fish Care Mistakes

A male veil tail Betta splendens flaring. Photo by BettaSmart So you or someone you know has decided that a Betta fish is needed in life. Perhaps this will be new ownership or perhaps the fish has been in possession for quite some... Continue reading