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Calculating the Real Cost of Betta Ownership

Betta fish attract people to them with more than just their bright colors and feisty personalities—their inexpensive needs tend to be the largest contributor to their popularity. For families and individuals who cannot house a large animal,... Continue reading

The Fantastic Baffle-free Filter: Tom Internal Power Filter

Filters help maintain high quality water for fish but many betta keepers struggle to find a filter that is acceptable for their fish. The main problem is flow output, often too strong for the calm-water loving betta. Strong currents created... Continue reading

The Betta Handbook by Robert J. Goldstein Ph.D

It is no secret that finding accurate information on Betta fish is difficult. Among the anecdotal evidence and falsifications from companies looking to make a quick profit is confusion and mistrust for the betta owner. Published resources are... Continue reading

Top Five Fake Plants for Betta Fish Tanks

Decorating a Betta fish tank can be quite a difficult task. It is easy to find fake plants for your fish to hide in at nearly any store that sells pet supplies but these plants are often harmful for long finned bettas. The majority of fake... Continue reading

Toys and Joys: Entertaining Your Betta

Finding ways to entertain your Betta fish can be difficult. After all, let’s face it, there isn’t a large market dedicated to playing with fish. But there a few really good—and inexpensive!—options out there. They may not offer the... Continue reading

Marimo Moss Balls: Low-Maintenance Beginner Plants

Product Recommendation A large and small set of marimo moss balls, a trendy aquarium item. Photo by What’s round, green, fuzzy, and surprisingly beneficial for your Betta fish tank? It’s the latest trending aquarium must... Continue reading

Seachem Prime: The Best Water Conditioner on the Market

Product Review and Recommendation A 500 ml bottle of Seachem Prime. Photo by Seachem Clean water is the secret to keeping a healthy Betta fish. With each water change harmful chemicals are removed from your fish’s environment but without... Continue reading

Jungle Fungus Clear

Product Recommendation Jungle Fungus Clear. Photo by Fungal infections are a common Betta fish ailment. As discussed in a previous article, there are two main fungal diseases that commonly plague Betta fish. Fish fungus and fin... Continue reading