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Deconstructing the Puddle Myth

There is an idea that is singlehandedly the most harmful idea in existence to bettas. This idea is the root for most of the myths and misconceptions about their needs, an idea so intensely misguided that it altered how people view these fish... Continue reading

Betta Fish Awareness Day is Approaching

June 21st marks the XX annual Betta Fish Awareness Day, a day when betta lovers try to raise awareness about the needs of Betta fish and dispel the myths and misconceptions about their care. To celebrate Betta fish on this day, a series of... Continue reading

BettaSmart: Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome to BettaSmart, a blog about better Betta fish care. Associated with the BettaSmart Facebook page, formerly Betta Fish Awareness Day, this blog is dedicated to promoting betta welfare and raising awareness about proper Betta... Continue reading

UPDATE: Blog Renovations

Renovations to this blog are going to begin in order to provide a higher quality reading experience. Over the next few months, there will be changes made to the articles and possibly the layout of the blog. Additionally, a new... Continue reading

The Community Tank Myth

A Betta splendens in a community tank with neon tetras. Photo by Tumblr One of the most common myths plaguing Betta fish is that they are brutal killers that will tear apart any fish or other creature placed in its territory, making it... Continue reading

Recommended Water Changes for Betta Splendens

The following information is taken from a much larger article on this blog and separated like this for ease of finding it. The full article and sources, which cover water quality and the Nitrogen cycle, can be found here. Water Change... Continue reading

The Misleading Label Scam

Betta fish are marketing gold mine. The care myths surrounding this popular pet species have lead to poorly designed and sometimes outright dangerous products that companies claim are specifically created for their well-being. Betta fish are... Continue reading

The Mircale Plant: Indian Almond Leaf

There is a plant that Betta fish enthusiasts have fallen in love with. It is sometimes referred to as the miracle leaf with breeders across the globe claiming its usefulness in creating spawns and citing wondrous healing properties. It is the... Continue reading

Tail Biting: A Troublesome Self-Infliction

Tail biting is self-inflicted damage to the tail of a betta fish. Two common ailments often confused for tail biting are fin/tail rot and torn, or “blown,” fins from swimming. Blown fins is a term “associated with the curious aberration... Continue reading

The Betta Fish Tank Debate

Betta splendens are surrounded by myths. Misconceptions about this domesticated Betta species have created a slew of controversies about their care, some perpetuated by confused owners and many perpetuated by fish supply stores. One of the... Continue reading