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BettaSmart  is a firm believer in education when it comes to animal care. Big or small, all animals should be researched before a person decides to purchase or care for one. Betta splendens have many articles written about them for those new to the hobby to look into. Unfortunately, many resources still publish and advertise false advise and myths about their needs. Often, these misleading sources of information use anecdotes, hearsay, or opinion to support their statements and offer little explanation based in science to support the myths they are perpetuating as fact.

In order to make it easier for Betta fish owners new and old to find correct information about this beautiful species, BettaSmart has compiled this list of useful resources from trust worthy and research-supported sources that discuss care needs, Betta fish basics, and general health.

BettaSmart is not related, connected, or otherwise involved in any of these websites, books, or magazines. These reads are strictly from outside publishers not associated with this blog.

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Baby Betta Care Central [Website]

Better Betta-Keeping via Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Fighting Fish by Name… via Practical Fish Keeping Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions on Siamese Fighters via Practical Fish Keeping Magazine

Guidelines for Keeping Fighters via Practical Fish Keeping Magazine [Website]

What Sort of Environment Should Siamese Fighting Fish Be Kept In? via RSPCA Australia

Why Fish Bowls Are Bad for Your Fish via Hub Pages

Print Resources

The Betta Handbook by Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D, Barron’s Educational Series (August 1, 2004) ISBN-13: 978-0764127281

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