Can Betta Fish Eat Bread? Explained

can betta fish eat bread

There is always a question whether or not should you give your Betta human food. You need to be well informed before you serve anything that can endanger its health or even worse, harm your fish. One such question is – Can Betta Fish eat bread? People are often wondering why not bread? We eat bread … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live With Glofish?

Can Betta Fish Live with Glofish

Many people are wondering can Betta Fish live with Glofish? The answer to this question is YES. Glofish and Bettas can be kept together but… There is always “but”. Only certain Glofish species can be tank mates with a Betta. Those are Glofish Danios and Glofish Tetras and in rare cases Glofish sharks. Water Conditions … Read more