Do Bettas Need Air Pumps?

Do Bettas Need Air Pumps

Every fish needs oxygen to breathe but things can differ with bettas. Bettas can live without an air pump only because they have developed a special respiratory organ.  Most fish use gills but Bettas also use an organ called a labyrinth which helps them take very small amounts of air. This is the main reason …

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Keeping Betta Fish in a Bowl: Yes or No?


Betta fish can live in a bowl, but as an intelligent fish, that environment will not make it happy. Only water and a bowl are not enough for bettas. Their space needs to be enriched, so it is much better to keep a betta fish in a larger space like an aquarium. We don’t recommend …

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What Kind of Water Do Betta Fish Need?

What Kind of Water Do Betta Fish Need featured

Whether you’re the proud owner of a new betta fish or your betta is already part of the family, you might be wondering—what kind of water do betta fish need?  Water plays an important role in betta fish health. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to maximize your betta’s …

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The Basics and Benefits of a Planted Betta Tank

beautiful betta in a planted betta tank

There are many good reasons to keep your betta in a naturally planted fish tank. Not only your planted betta tank can look awesome, but your betta fish will truly enjoy its time in it. Most people, especially beginners, think that there is too much work maintaining a naturally planted betta tank but the truth …

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